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Colorado legalized psilocybin. Now what?

The Denver Post (Healthcare) 12/4 1:00A Tiney Ricciardi
If Oregon s experience as the first-ever state to legalize psilocybin is any indication, Colorado is in for a long, strange trip as it moves to set up its own legal industry . Enthusiasm about...

What to do in Denver over Thanksgiving weekend

The Dever Post (Fitness) 11/23 1:00A Jonathan Shikes
Gobble wobble Thursday. Few holiday traditions in Denver are as exhilarating or as rewarding as the annual Mile High United Way Turkey Trot in Washington Park, 1700 E. Louisiana Ave. Rising early (or...

Opinion: Help protect Colorado kids from RSV hospitalization

The Denver Post (Healthcare) 11/11 7:23A Suchitra Rao, Kevin Carney
The respiratory season came early this year, with record-breaking numbers of children being affected. Households, clinics, and hospital emergency rooms are getting hit hard with a heavy dose of respiratory syncytial virus (better known as RSV),...

Cost of health insurance on Colorado’s marketplace to rise 10% next year

The Denver Post (Healthcare) 11/9 1:00A Meg Wingerter
While the average monthly cost of health insurance on the marketplace is rising 10% in Colorado next year, some people will have lower-cost options. Open enrollment on the state-run marketplace started Tuesday and will end Jan. 15. People who...
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