Russia is a fine place for students who would love to pursue MBBS. It's well-being and quality of life attracts the students. The course duration in Russia is 5.8 years. MBBS in Russia is considered as the best option for the students who want to study abroad. The reason it is considered as the best option is the advantage of getting high-quality education at an affordable cost. Russia medical universities are recognized by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, etc. Students are keen to take admission in Russia, because of the Russian service and the students who get mbbs admission in Russia are praiseworthy. Doing MBBS in Russia is a great opportunity for the students. The Russian universities occupy the top 30 in the ranking.

It is a dream of undergraduates to occupy their seats in top universities and become specialists within 5.8 years of their study. Students from all over the world take mbbs admission in Russia for their medical study. The graduates from Russia work in clinical fields everywhere across the globe. These specific reasons attract the students to a country like Russia. The Russian service and the training benefit the students in a great extension and that helps them in their fruitful career. Russia is a common destination for students to study MBBS. Other than Russia there are other countries like China, Nepal, Germany, Philippines, Ukraine, Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan. These countries also provide an affordable course for students. Even though the duration of the course is 5.8 years, the international students who opt to study in Russia are not needed to undergo one year of the preparatory course.

The major reasons to choose Russia is:

The quality of education they provide.

Very affordable and advanced learning.

Russian degree is globally recognized; therefore, students can practice wherever they wish to.

The course is recognized by MCI.

Students get good and furnished accommodation inside the campus itself.

The students who are from India feel at home because of the Indian mess the universities provide.

The subsidy is 70% for the MBBS courses in Russian Universities. The average MBBS fee is between 2.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per year.

MCI Screening Test is provided by most of the Russian universities. Graduates show excellent results in the FMGE exam as a result and land in
the best hospitals and industries worldwide.

Technically Equipped Learning- Russia is known for the advanced medical universities.

Many Specialization Course- Russian universities provide an ample number of courses for students to choose and specialize.

MBBS in Russia provides Goal-Oriented Learning.

Faculties are highly skilled.

Russia uses the latest teaching methods and technology.

Russia has a proper Indian Hostel and Indian Food (Veg & Non-Veg) which is easily available.

The warden for boys and girls is separate and has complete security.

Campus is ragging free.

Traveling in Russia is comparatively cheap.

Over 1000 students study top medical colleges in russia.
Russia is a great place for students who want to study MBBS. It attracts students to well-being and quality of life. Course duration in Russia is 5.8 years....
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