Physical Therapy Specialists began in 1989 with a vision of being different than other clinics. Times were changing and managed care was taking over challenging the quality and quantity of time we were able to spend with patients. It became more apparent that patients deserved more than insurance companies could allow. Specializing and focusing on each patient's individual needs in a private environment was the best fit for our vision. Our goal remains to treat patients based on their individual needs, one-on-one in a private setting, and help each patient return to function and activities that are important in their daily lives.
Chronic back pain, no matter what the cause, can stop you in your tracks. Nearly every movement the body makes relies on some part of the back for support. As...
Cardiovascular endurance is a crucial aspect of physical health, particularly in children undergoing pediatric physical therapy. Enhancing cardiovascular...
It is well-known that physical therapy is heavily utilized for rehabilitation purposes, following an illness, injury, or surgery, but did you know physical...
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