Bottom line? We empower companies to improve outcomes. Using an extensive risk assessment, we craft customized strategies to improve risk profiles. Our clients then reap the rewards having fewer losses, stronger bottom line, time savings, and negotiating leverage with insurance carriers. Frankly, if you don't need those things, we aren't for you. We're redefining what people expect from an agency.

Prospective clients are typically:
1. Frustrated with the lack of communication from their broker. Its never proactive, always reactive.
2. Concerned with the ever-changing compliance landscape of regulatory risk.
3. Upset over powerlessness they feel to control insurance costs.
4. Pressured to increase productivity while simultaneously improving safety systems.
5. Uneasy with safety systems in place & its costing them money in claims / lost productivity.
6. Perplexed they do not have the resources internally (time, budget, or personnel) to get ahead of the curve in managing risk due to fighting day to day fires.

Specialties: Risk Management, loss control, developing negotiating leverage with insurance carriers via pro-active design and implementation of risk management plans. Compliance assistance, insurance placement and claims management.
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