Bunk House Trailers by Mobile Kitchen Rental are intended to offer turn-key workforce modular housing that offers cozy, secure, and climate-controlled sleeping arrangements for a number of workers at almost any site. Additionally, they can be built with showers, military kitchens, and restrooms if necessary.

Providing reliable, comfortable, and safe temporary or emergency housing shelter with military field kitchens as needed, Mobile Kitchen Rental offers remote workforce housing renting or leasing, including military deployment, for Disaster Relief Efforts, Oil Field Support, Man Camps, Forest Fire Fighting Support, and many other remote locations where key service personnel can have a reliable place for some much-needed downtime recharging.

A premier provider of on-site temporary housing and military field kitchen rentals is Mobile Kitchen Rental. Bunkhouse trailers, bathroom and shower trailers, portable locker rooms, military food services, and other items are all part of our product line. Our business is a rising star in the field of turnkey worker housing for emergencies. We take great satisfaction in offering top-notch product quality, skilled craftsmanship, and superb customer service.

Our crew has a wealth of expertise in creating, delivering, and renting out remote workforce housing trailers. A dedication to complete client satisfaction runs throughout our company.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person at either your facility or ours.

Giving Your Response Crew the Space to Recharge

Natural disasters and emergency situations are intellectually, physically, and emotionally taxing, therefore whenever possible, your crew needs to obtain a good night’s sleep and dependable base camp planning services. Responders will be better able to make wise judgments and take action with intention when they are given the time and space to rest and refuel. Our mobile workforce housing shelters and DFACT services are made to be as comfortable as possible so that individuals may attend to their specific requirements.

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